The Backchannel by Cliff Atkinson, New Riders 2009

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For a list of backchannel tools (pp. 34 and 105), visit

To see at least a dozen tools to display the backchannel (pp. 42 and 164), visit

To see sample presentation home pages (p. 104),

Backchannel videos

Webinar video: “The Backchannel 101″
Watch this weekly workshop recorded Dec. 4, 2009 where Cliff introduces his new book The Backchannel and addresses some of the core questions the book asks:

  • What is a backchannel?
  • Why is it important to me and my presentations?
  • What could/should I do about it?

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Webinar video: “Top Tools for Engaging the Backchannel – with guest Timo Elliott”
Watch this video recorded Jan. 5, 2010 with special guest Timo Elliott as we explore the “must have” tools you need to know to fully understand and engage the backchannel, including:

  • How and why audiences are increasingly using Twitter as a backchannel, and its pros and cons
  • Other tools you and your audiences can use to create backchannels
  • Innovative new tools you can use to proactively engage the backchannel, including

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Webinar video: “The Backchannel – A Presenter’s Nightmare or a Dream Come True?”
The backchannel can have its good and bad sides: If audiences are happy, the backchannel can spread your ideas far and wide, create buzz about your ideas and keep a conversation going long after you left the podium. But if audiences are unhappy, the backchannel can criticize your ideas and delivery, disrupt your talk and even derail your presentation completely.

Watch this video recorded Jan. 19, 2010 of a webinar sponsored by SlideRocket, the online presentation company, and you’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of backchannels
  • How to engage your audience in conversation before, during and after your presentation
  • Practical tips to follow to make your ideas presentation-friendly

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